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Who´s That Girl: Jamie

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  • Outragedthathasslinlawwaspassd

    People who do evil, immoral pornography are not the only people going to hell sent their by a powerless, unremorseful God who cant destroy Satan and demons because they have eternal life, they are merely separated from God, earthlings are the ones that suffer needlessly in eternal torment. Purse snatchers should return the purses they steal from buxom beauties.

  • Outrage over sexual hasslinlaw

    God has no remorse when he sends people to hell. If I was God I would be regretting the day I made Adam and cursed him with his unwanted, useless wife. I surely would not have given him a choice to take on Satan’s personality and to become possessed of devils through sinful conceit.

  • God the Powerless against evil

    I am sorry I let Adam sin against me. If I wouldn’t have let that happen I would have saved myself the trouble of having my son slain in pain in vain for nothing since I want to save as few people as possible. Too bad on this machine they don’t show more women walking on sidewalks carrying purses with their beautiful breasts bouncing up and down.

  • Satan the allpowerful devil

    Her face and breasts as well as her nipples are lovely. But she is a little bit fat. Purse snatchers should return stolen purses and those who are pick pockets stealing wallets should make restitution and return the stolen wallets. Our governments and police should say hail Satan because that’s who they commit their atrocities and injustices against others for including the atrocities of World Wars 1 and 2.

  • God destroys Muslims

    Repent of showing this immoral, wicked and perverse work.

  • Protest sexual hassling lielaw

    Sexual harassment law sparks outrage amongst anarchists.

  • Too bad its not a guy and girl

    Here are two lesbians. Satan loves homosexuals because what they do honors demons. Hells most wanted includes the homosexual community.