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Who´s That Girl: Rita Konoplyanova

New pics

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  • D:

    No aparece nada mas por ese nombre D:

  • Serg

    Hi, i know this girlf very good. I am a friend of her. And i have question to you, Vampire69. Can you please tell why do you named her Lenochka Krylova? It is not her real name. thx.

  • Because of many links I´ve found with that name, but I think I find the right one
    Still not the real name?

  • Serg

    But in second link her name is Natasha Kirilenko, not Lenochka Krylova. Its fake. Real one is Rita :3
    BTW, photo on Iphone is not hers. It some random chick

  • Updating! Thanks for the info.
    Do you think that it´s possible that she could give us a pic just like this one with
    "Greetings Vampire69" written on it? That would be awesome!!!!

  • Serg

    Heh, no. She isnt so happy about her appearens on this site and at others.

  • Thanks anyway worth to try 🙂

  • joel

    que hermosa, buenas fotos