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Who´s That Girl: T a y l 0 r G r e e n

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  • todd

    the third to last pic isn’t taylor. but, here are 2 short vids of her –!fBsWlYRY!mbM8niAf1Vw7mGzNtrkexvqBB7zJtAgr0BQag10Jg2U

    • She has a mole in her chin in all pics

      • todd

        this pic – is the one i have always questioned if it is her.

        the reasons I question if it is tay, are; no face (always makes me question), tits do not seem big enough (tough angle, but taylor has massive tits), nothing in the pic jives with any of the others (tan/brown blanket is in no other pics, posters on left side are not seen in the other pics) and it seems that it might be a third party that took the picture (the foot seen is a right foot – guy would have to be leaning really far to get that angle) whereas all the other pics of her are either selfies or taken by her bf.

        I have seen this pic included in sets of taylor in the past, but I have also seen it included in other sets so that just added to my doubt.

      • psr


    • Thanks for the videos! where did you get those?

      • todd

        I don’t actually remember where I came across them, I have had them for a while. Supposedly there are other (better – bj?) vids, but I have never seen them.